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Firewall App Blocker is very light and has a size of less than 2 MB, it is very useful to block programs that may not be connected to the internet. Of course this will make our computer can run faster, save data quota, and will also certainly be more helpful in saving other resources like hardware in our computer (PC).

To use Firewall App Blocker is very easy, no need to install, you just run it because the base of this application is portable. You can save it on your drive and make it a shortcut to make it easier to use many times. Here’s a guide to using Firewall App Blocker.

The app consists of a single screen with a set of brightly colored main tools (Apply, Add, Delete, Refresh, Export, Import, and Home) and listing of currently managed apps. Users can very easily add or remove new apps and manage their firewall permissions by right-clicking on them and choosing of the main configuration options (Block, Unblock, Block All, Unblock All) or several secondary tools for easier management of apps (Delete, Rename, Delete All, Run the File, Open Location, File Properties, and Refresh).

Because of its simple toolset that provides fast access to default Windows Firewall app management settings, this app does not feature in-depth preferences or any way to customize its workflow or UI style. It, however, does offer quick access to view or reset your Windows Firewall settings to their default state. The app runs fast even on modest or old PC configurations and can enable users to perform complicated Firewall configurations in just a few mouse clicks.

How to use Firewall App Blocker

1) Download Firewall App Blocker software, link is below this article.
2) Extract the download.
3) Run the program according to your version of Windows. For 32 bit run “Fab.exe” while for 64 bit run “Fab_x64.exe“.
4) Click the “+” sign to add the application you want to block from the internet. Find the location of the program file, for example “C:\Program Files (x86)\GRETECH\GOMPlayer\GOM.exe“, then click Open.
5) Done.

The application that you have blocked will not be able to connect to the internet again. You can download Firewall App Blocker through the following link.


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