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Email is currently one of the important items in supporting our daily activities. What’s more if the emails we use deal with our work and business which of course stores important data. If it’s up to an important message on a lost email it’s certainly not something we want. That’s why we need Email Backup Wizard software.

Email Backup Wizard can store emails from various email services that exist on the internet such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Yandex, HostGator and various other email services. With this Email Backup Wizard you will be able to store all email messages locally on your personal computer. So you don’t have to worry about the contents of your email to be deleted.

Email Backup Wizard is very easy to use step by step you will be guided. You can install Email Backup Wizard on Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10. Email Backup Wizard file size is not more than 25 MB which you can download through the following link.

Final Verdicts

Backup emails could be a good reliever during data loss but there is no such direct way to unravel this situation. So for doing it and to download backup emails, Tool4Mail have come up with a brand new solution for its users “Email Backup Software”. It’s a complete solution to backup emails from various email service providers and to convert backup emails to different file formats. In addition, the tool offers a free version of the software. In the demo version you can able to backup 25 emails from each folder. So download and try it!


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